Elemental Shift

Chakras are spinning energy vortexes responsible for processing and storing significant emotional life experiences. When balanced they can optimally support our health and be a reservoir of information about how we move through life.

Promote relaxation
Chakras help influence different hormones. They also serve to energize the vital organs. Clearing and balancing helps with regulation of body chemistry and strengthens overall health.
Deepen awareness
Chakras hold and process energy related to major life themes. Connecting into our chakras can help identify patterns that may be holding us back form living our fullest potential. Bringing these patterns to conscious awareness can help us gently let them go. Chakra clearing provides an opportunity to reconnect with parts of ourselves that because of outworn habits may have been closed off to us.
Chakra balancing sessions
Chakra Clearing and Balancing is a technique developed by Donna Eden, creator of Eden Energy Medicine.
Sessions are sixty minutes experienced lying on a massage table, fully clothed. A discussion to discern any health or emotional stressors, and any specific goals begins the session. This is followed by a gentle energy balance that is designed to move you into a state of deep relaxation and allow your body to open to transformation in a harmonious way.
The experience may be simply peaceful and relaxing, it can also be highly symbolic and stimulating of creativity. In order to integrate changes, simple exercises to practice at home may be recommended.

Themes of the seven major Chakras
When we tune into the energy of our Chakras we may uncover new vital understanding of the course of our journey through life.
Root Chakra: instinct, the urge for life Womb Chakra: creativity, joy, intuition Solar Plexus Chakra: identity and power Heart Chakra: love and connection Throat Chakra: integration of information and expression Third Eye Chakra: insight, vision, extra sensory perception Crown Chakra: spiritual connection

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