Elemental Shift

Are you making decisions that seem opposed to what you want?

Research indicates that it is our subconscious beliefs that can hold us back from reaching our goals and lead to self-sabotaging behaviors. PSYCH-K works with the power of the subconscious for tangible results.

Do you struggle with goals related to health, prosperity, relationships, self-esteem or weight?

Stop sabotaging yourself around these issues and more. Kirsten is a skilled PSYCH-K practitioner and licensed therapist who can help you establish new, healthier patterns.

Change your beliefs about what is possible for you.
PSYCH-K uses a whole brain integration process that helps change limiting belief
Create new life-serving beliefs and make self-supporting choices
PSYCH-K facilitates the shifting of old, unwanted patterns that have been holding you back so you can make positive healthier choices.
PSYCH-K is not covered by insurance.

Please contact Kirsten for more information or to make an appointment.

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”Kirsten has a holistic approach that I found refreshing and very beneficial. Kirsten primarily used a blend of PSYCH-K and Feng Shui that moved me beyond a limiting belief, which had been a sticking point for years while helping me to redesign my personal space to be more energizing.

I recently read Bruce Lipton’s book the Biology of Belief and was amazed to find PSYCH-K was one of his preferred methods for dealing with his own limiting beliefs.”
Gale M.